Head Shots

Head and shoulder portraits for business, acting, models and social media

Houston Food Photography

Food Photography Kim and Greg’s Houston studio offers a comfortable and productive environment with a full kitchen.  As with their still life and portrait photography, careful attention to lighting,  as well as collaboration on styling and propping are all necessary to create a beautiful presentation of the food.

Houston Still Life Photography

Still Life Kolanowski Studio, in the Houston Heights, lends itself to undisturbed focus on creating a singular image. It’s a comfortable environment to discuss and explore the visual approach and options to best achieve the goal of each still life image.  Perspective, design details and the product’s unique qualities are all studied as to how they will contribute to […]

Houston Residential Architecture

Residential Architecture As in their portrait photography, special consideration is given to the play of natural and artificial light.  To render the character of a space, Greg and Kim strive to capture the unique design details of every home with thoughtful staging and just the right balance of professional lighting and available lighting. Their years of experience and project preparation […]

Houston Commercial Architecture

Commercial Architecture Greg and Kim Kolanowski have completed photography assignments for a collection of the most respected commercial developers and home builders in the Houston Area and beyond. Well known for their commercial architectural and residential photography, Greg and Kim rely on their talent and years of experience to create beautiful exterior and interior images. Greg and Kim’s decades of […]

Houston Corporate Environmental Portraits

Environmental Portraits Portraits in an environment tell a larger story.  With corporate environmental portraits, the Kolanowski’s work with their Houston and national clients to clearly understand the balance between the subject and his or her environment. In an environmental portrait both the environment and the subject have roles to play. As with their commercial and residential photography, Greg and […]

Houston Life and Work Photograpy

Life and Work The Kolanowski’s Houston Life and Work photographs often involve photography in an office, boardroom, industrial, commercial or residential setting.  As with Greg and Kim’s environmental portrait, architectural and commercial photography, thorough planning and scouting guarantees the success of the shoot.  Special attention is given to decide how the architectural space, natural light, colors, textures and […]

Corporate Business Photographers in Houston

Studio Portraits Located near downtown Houston in the Historic Heights, Kolanowski Studio offers over 1,000 sq. ft. of space and comfortable atmosphere to shoot, edit and review your project.  Whether the assignment is a corporate studio portrait, a business head shot or an editorial portrait, no detail is overlooked. Greg and Kim combine talent, years of experience and […]

About Us

Since 1989, Kim and Greg Kolanowski have been Photographers in Houston and have worked together as a couple shooting products, people and architecture for a variety of clients in the Houston area and beyond. Greg takes the lead in still life and architecture, Kim directs portrait photography for advertising, corporate, editorial and marketing. With comprehensive technical skill and […]